McCarron's Massage & Wellness Centre

What to Expect

On booking your first appointment with the chosen registered massage therapist you will be asked to come in 10 minutes prior to your first visit to fill out the necessary paperwork which includes health history form and required information for billing an insurance company and/or extended health care plan if it applies to you.

On your First Appointment

On your initial appointment your therapist will review and discuss your health  history to determine your reasons for having massage and determine what your primary & secondary complaints may be, afterwhich time  the therapist  will need to do an assessement if indicated that may include  postural and gait analysis, range of motion testing, orthorpedic and neurological testing. If we are dealing with and injury or pain we need to  determine the acuity; whether you are in acute, subacute, or chronic stage. Assessment may also include blood pressure monitoring and heart rate if indicated by your history and/or heart medication you may be taken. We review your medications and history to be sure there are no contraindications to massage.

A clinical impression will be made and a  treatment plan recommended to best address your complaints and to suit each individual’s needs. Further investigative tests may be recommended and or referral to another health care provider that may be of benefit to help address your complaints.

Our goal is to provide you with a relaxing enviroment and to help  restore your optimal level of health and activities of daily living in a painfree state.

Once we discuss a treatment plan we need an informed consent from you in order to proceed with massage. Following treatment you may be given remedial exercises and/or home care to best suit your needs. Follow up appointments will be made as laid out in the treatment plan.

Evaluation of your progress will be monitored regularly to determine if massage therapy is effective in achieving our goals and if the treatment plan and modalities need to be adjusted.

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