McCarron's Massage & Wellness Centre


What do I wear for my Massage?

Massage is done directly on the skin with lotion. You will be fully covered with blankets except for the area that is being massaged. However if you are uncomfortable with disrobing massage can be done over the clothes and /or you may remove what you are comfortable with. Some people will leave their undergarments on and others will remove everything. Again you will not be exposed because you are covered with blankets. We can work at each individuals comfort level. If you feel you will want to leave your clothes on, please wear loose comfortable clothes.


Am I going to be sore after my massage?

Typically after your first massage you may have some mild muscle discomfort for 24-48hours. It should not last much more then 2 days and it should not interfere with your activities. We will provide you with some home advice (ie: epsom salts bath, drinking lots of fluid )to help reduce the soreness. If it is debilitating and lasts more then 2-3 days please call your therapist to inform her.

Please inform your therapist if the pressure being used during your massage is too deep. If you are unable to breathe because you are holding your breath from pain, you will not benefit from the massage.


Is there anything I can do to make the appointment go smoother?

Please refrain from wearing heavy scents and from smoking immediately prior to your appointment for we work in small confined rooms and the smells can be overpowering. Strong scents can linger in the room following your treatment making it uncomfortable for the therapist and clients to follow.



Do I need a Doctor’s referral for massage?

We at the clinic do not need a referral. However if you are billing through a health care plan and or through a Motor Vehicle Claim they may require a Doctor’s referral. Please call the insurance company you are dealing with prior to your appointment and if required have it on your first visit to our clinic. Insurance companies require that it be kept on your file inorder for us to bill them.



Am I too old or too young for massage?

Everyone regardless of age can benefit from massage. We treat a wide age range. The youngest being newborns to the oldest having been 98 years old. Please contact us if you have any concerns.



Am I too old or too young for massage?

Yes we do home visits whether it is in your home, hospital or nursing home; for those that are unable to come into the office due to disabilities or for other reasons that may limit their ability to come to us. Each individual case is assessed and cost of home visit will be determined at that time, depending on how long a treatment is required, whether we need to bring a table and supplies and the distance to where you live all play a role in determining rates. Please contact us for more details.




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